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Cutlery is Not Only about Knives and Forks

If you have lived a little and travelled a lot, done a bit of fine dining and been to many a superior dining establishment, you will know that cutlery is not only about knives forks and spoons. If you have ever had the honour of going to finishing school, table etiquette teaches you to start from the outside working your way to the inside, yet few of us own as many implements! 

We offer cutlery of every type, description and for every dish!  Escargots, anyone? Everyone knows that snails require the skills and the proper cutlery to tackle these little fellows. So, whether you are having a five course dinner, a barbeque, picnic, Chinese feast or simply hamburgers and hotdogs around the campfire, there is a set of cutlery to suit every occasion, which we have ample supply of. 

It is seldom the case that you would have sufficient matching pieces for a sumptuous banquet for 100 or enough spoons and forks for the conference that you have meticulously organised down to the last little detail, bar the essentials such as the eating utensils. 

Were you aware that successful conferencing works hand in hand with the venue, and that the art is to hide the technology and make the conference as real as possible, making the venue come alive. 

This can only be done with excellent planning, a wonderful ambience and the perfect accompaniments for the function. 

We are able to supply any function, party, bash or occasion with matching crockery, cutlery, marquees, and much more. Simply select the venue, theme and date, and we will do our bit of magic transforming your function. Remember that your client or guest’s experience begins from the moment they are invited to attend!

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