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Come to my party and have a marvelous time! We offer a vast range of jumping castles for perfect parties, barmies, christenings, events and so much more, regardless whether it is for the young set or for adults.  So whether you are small or if you are tall, whether your theme is based on the jungle, dragons, princesses, Barbie, Spiderman and more, we simply have it all; we have the perfect jumping castle for every age and every occasion. 

All the jumping castles that we supply are pre-inspected and meticulously cleaned prior to hiring out making them 100% safe and hygienic to use. 

Every single one of our jumping castles are user-friendly and the beauty of all this is that we don’t only deliver, but we set all the jumping castles up for our clients in order to make life easier freeing up the day for you to do other chores and mingle with your guests. We deliver, pack-down and collect all our jumping castles on time. 

The secret to a successful party is to ensure that all your guests are having an exciting and enjoyable time, taking lasting memories of a brilliant function thoroughly enjoyed by all. 

Simply click on one the countless jumping castle images in order to get the bigger picture. It is advisable to take note of the size of the jumping castle and ensure that there is ample room to accommodate the castle as well as all other equipment and the amount of guests attending.   

So if you are in the mood to throw a memorable party and are ready to be the talk of the town, call us today for one of our stunning  jumping castles that certainly won’t disappoint!


9m x 3m
R700 per day
Excluding Delivery

Mini Gladiator Track

10m by 3m
R700 per day
Excluding Delivery

Gladiator Slide

9m by 3m
R650 per day
Excluding Delivery


Remove inflatable from the carry bag.
Unroll the inflatable at a suitable flat spot on grass, check first for any large stones or thorns that could puncture the inflatable.
Attach the outlet pipe of the inflatable to the blower fan and secure it with the rubber band, which is attached to the blower fan.  If this is not available, use the rope from the bag to secure it.
Switch on the electricity and leave for approximately 2 minutes to inflate fully.
Check, once inflated, that the outlet pipe is not obstructed. (That the air flow pressure is not obstructed).
Cover the electrical plug with the carry bag.
Close off all other outlet pipes. (If applicable).


Switch off the electricity and detach the outlet pipe from the blower fan.  
Leave the inflatable for at least 20 minutes, allowing all the air to escape.
Fold the sides of the inflatable to meet in the middle, ensuring that the outlet pipe is not folded inside the inflatable, allowing extra air to escape. (As you rolled it out).
Fold the sides of the inflatable again so that it meets in the middle, once again ensuring that the outlet pipe is not folded into the inflatable. (Similar to folding a tent).
Slowly roll up the inflatable, starting at the end that does not have the outlet pipe.
Place the rolled up inflatable into the carry bag.

Terms and Conditions of Hire

The inflatable is to be used on a flat, grass surface. If the inflatable is going to be used on a paved or cement surface please let us know and we will provide a ground sheet. Please remove all stones and sharp objects prior to inflating.
  Do not let children play with or near the motor or hang over the sides of the jumping castle as they may fall out causing injury.  Please switch off and cover the motor if raining or move the motor indoors.

No animals are permitted on the inflatable at any time. If hiring overnight please ensure that your animals are locked away from the castle or alternatively please wrap up the castle and put in a safe place.

No shoes, sharp objects, drinks or food are allowed on the inflatable and smoking is not allowed on or near the inflatable.  Also not allowed on the inflatable are face paints, streamers, biro or felt tipped pens, poppers, silly string/spiderman spray as they stain the vinyl.

Kidz Party Hire will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury to any person/s on the property whatsoever.

The hirer acknowledges that it is necessary at all times to have a responsible adult in attendance to supervise children at all times. The hirer undertakes to ensure strict compliance herewith.

If damage is found within seven days of the booking date the client/customer will be held liable for repairs and be charged a minimum of R500 to cover the repair costs.

Water items - prior to collection time, please deflate the item and empty as much water as possible, re-inflate and leave for a few minutes to dry.  If hiring the Gladiator Slide overnight please move the Gladiator away from the edge of the swimming pool when not in use and do not leave the hose pipe running on the inflatables when the motor is switched off.

Certain items are supplied with balls (R3.00 per ball will be charged for lost balls) please count and bag the balls prior to collection.

Only children under 12 years are allowed on the inflatable with the exception of the Gladiator Slide and Waterslides.   All prices are subject to change without notice.

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