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Turn Your Tables From Ordinary Into Extraordinary 

Some tables are round, some are fat, some are tall and many are small. Tables can be square, oblong or fit into a hall. It all depends what you require table hire for.

Is your function a wedding, a braai, casual, smart or just for cards? Perhaps your event will accommodate 1000 guests or it might only be for a couple. We do tables for events, conferences, business lunches, kids’ parties and so much more.

We don’t only provide tables but we also add the décor weaving a little bit of magic that will transform the tables into a winter wonderland, or an Easter Parade spectacular. Perhaps you are a Muslim family and celebrate Eid, or Christmas this year is your turn to host the entire family which adds up to over a hundred squabbling family members from all over the globe.

Make your life easier, and call on the professionals, Kidz Party Hire, to step in and transform your ordinary into extraordinary. We will take you on a magic carpet ride and you will be forgiven thinking that you have gate-crashed the Magic Kingdom and landed in a land run by pixies and elves.

If your colour is yellow, pink, gold or black, your theme Spiderman, Barbie, Tinkerbell or more. Tables can be made to look elegant for that touch of class or funky for the teenager who needs to impress. Our tables and accessories can blend into something glitzy and finished off tastefully.

We are here to please no matter what your function might be. Tables are only tables until we wave our magic wand and sprinkle pixie dust for that memorable occasion that will keep the gossips busy for months to come.

We are the number one table hire company that aims to turn tables from ordinary to extraordinary. So come along for a magic carpet ride with us.

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